The Super Series & W-Series / Behind-the-Scenes

After a two-year hiatus (2019), Formula 1 returns triumphantly to the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix; with a record-breaking 302,000 fans turning up, smashing the previous high of 300,000 set during its debut back in 2008. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek of both support races, TSS The Super Series and W-Series!

Lorong Halus South Trail / Coney Island / Mountain Biking / Singapore

Having explored the Lorong Halus (North) Trail a few months back, I set off to explore the adjacent Lorong Halus (South) Trail for the very first time. Question is, am I successful in exploring the trail? Join me and find out!

Camping on the Cove / Lazarus Island / Singapore

Join me on my first overnighter on the cove, at the uninhabited Lazarus Island. Located just 6.5km South of mainland Singapore and a short 30mins ferry ride away, the island trio of Lazarus, Saint John’s and Seringat are connected thanks the land-reclamation works, are picturesque and serene. Despite the weather forecast for heavy thunderstorms onContinue reading “Camping on the Cove / Lazarus Island / Singapore”

Admiralty Park / Day Hike / Singapore

Sit back and relax, as I take you to the 27-hectare mixed-development Admiralty Park in Woodlands Singapore, a blend between a 7-hectare urban park and a 20-hectare nature conservation park. This unique concept also makes it the largest public park in the Northern sector of Singapore.

Tampines Eco Green / Day Hike / Singapore

Join me on a calm and relaxing first-visit to one of Singapore’s lesser known ecological sanctuaries, the 36-hectare Tampines Eco Green sanctuary park. With well preserved natural habitats such as freshwater wetlands, open grasslands, and a protected secondary rainforest, Tampines Eco Green offers a safe haven for thriving biodiversity. The park also offers three easyContinue reading “Tampines Eco Green / Day Hike / Singapore”