Camping on the Cove / Lazarus Island / Singapore

Join me on my first overnighter on the cove, at the uninhabited Lazarus Island. Located just 6.5km South of mainland Singapore and a short 30mins ferry ride away, the island trio of Lazarus, Saint John’s and Seringat are connected thanks the land-reclamation works, are picturesque and serene.

Despite the weather forecast for heavy thunderstorms on both days, I was extremely lucky, not a single drop of rain hit the islands. On top of that, clear skies for a spectacular sunset, and a glorious night sky filled with stars!

Also during this adventure, a swim in the cove, A5 grade wagyu BBQ and char-grilled truffle bockwurst, and a resident monitor lizard as my morning alarm.

Officially my newest favourite camping spot in Singapore? Let’s find out!

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Camping on the cove of Lazarus Island

I took along with me a significant load of consumables, 5.5L of potable water as there are no fresh water sources (nor stores) on the island. This turned out to be a wise decision for me, as I perspire profusely whenever I’m outdoors, especially so in the sweltering heat and humidity of South East Asia. I did of course, bring along a few cans of beer (seven to be exact), alongside my flask of (approximately 300ml) whiskey. The total weight of just these three equated to approximately 8L (8kg or 16.8lbs).

The weather forecast for mainland Singapore on both days were heavy thunderstorms, but I was extremely blessed and lucky as not a single drop of rain landed on the island. Furthermore, I had intense sun on the first day, which made for fantastically clear skies and a spectacular sunset.

By midnight, the clear skies revealed a beautiful pitch black canvas with dozens of stars, and managed to capture a couple of short segment night-lapse videos. It was my first time attempting astro-videography and it goes without saying that luck was on my side.

Swimming in the cove was pleasant, with the water nice, cool and really clear. Aside from schools of small fishes swimming near the beach and floating seaweed, I didn’t spot anything else.

Unlike most public campsites in Singapore and Pulau Ubin, there were no park rangers to check my permit, and neither were there anyone to ensure I tear-down and disperse the following morning (maybe I was just lucky?) I was thus able to sleep-in till late morning, and decided to skip the 3pm ferry to take the last ferry off the island instead (5pm).

Will I be going back? Most definitely! Camping on Lazarus Island was an amazing experience and I fully intend to return!

Some additional information:

• Yes there are public bathrooms, two on Saint John’s Island and one on Seringat Island. The nearest one to Lazarus Beach is the one on Seringat Island, and depending on which campsite you choose, will be approximately 450m ~ 750m away.

• As mentioned above, there are no shops, no stores, no vending machines. Thus bringing sufficient consumables such as food, drinks and fuel will be crucial. Know your limits and plan properly.

• There weren’t many mosquitos on the beach itself, but if you attract them as seductively as I do, I fully recommend insect repellent. Consider the Thermacell systems!

• Cellphone reception was spotty at certain areas but were generally decent. My personal estimate will be that there is approximately 75% coverage with the 4G network.

• Ferry ticket (purchased during departure from Singapore) includes the return trip, so keep it safely.

• The true owners of the island, are the natives to the island, such as macaques, monitor lizards, as well as cats (which I did not get the chance to meet). Keep your food secure and remember to always #LeaveNoTrace.

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