Tampines Eco Green / Day Hike / Singapore

Join me on a calm and relaxing first-visit to one of Singapore’s lesser known ecological sanctuaries, the 36-hectare Tampines Eco Green sanctuary park. With well preserved natural habitats such as freshwater wetlands, open grasslands, and a protected secondary rainforest, Tampines Eco Green offers a safe haven for thriving biodiversity. The park also offers three easyContinue reading “Tampines Eco Green / Day Hike / Singapore”

Windsor Nature Park / Day Hike / Singapore

Join me on my first day hike for 2022, as I explore the Hanguana, Squirrel and Drongo Trails, as well as Venus Loop. All nestled within the 75-hectare Windsor Nature Park, Singapore. The Windsor Nature Park is a green buffer zone for the MacRitchie Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and offers a glimpse into Singapore’s effortsContinue reading “Windsor Nature Park / Day Hike / Singapore”