Windsor Nature Park / Day Hike / Singapore

Windsor Nature Park Singapore

Join me on my first day hike for 2022, as I explore the Hanguana, Squirrel and Drongo Trails, as well as Venus Loop. All nestled within the 75-hectare Windsor Nature Park, Singapore.

The Windsor Nature Park is a green buffer zone for the MacRitchie Central Catchment Nature Reserve, and offers a glimpse into Singapore’s efforts in biodiversity conservation and ecological preservation.

Windsor Nature Park / Day Hike / Singapore

According to the National Parks Board, environmentalists and researchers have recorded 56 dragonfly species in Windsor Nature Park alone, which is nearly half of the 122 dragonfly species found in Singapore. This and this alone, goes to prove that the ongoing biodiversity conservation efforts are working well; but it should go without saying that even more needs to be done in safeguarding nature.

The Hanguana Trail is lined with rare and endangered plants, such as the Hanguana neglecta, where the trail gets its name. It’s interesting to note that it’s beautiful cousin, the Hanguana rubinea, was recently identified back in 2015, to be native solely to Singapore and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

One of my favourite segments here at the Windsor Nature Park, is the Drogno Trail. With its elevated boardwalk rising up to 150m, providing visitors with the unique opportunity to experience the forest at sub-canopy levels. This also helps reduce the impact on the natural landscape and ecosystem from a surface trail.

Finally, onto my personal favourite segment, the Venus Loop. This trail showcases a well preserved and protected freshwater swamp, marsh habitats, and a whole lot of tropical rainforest. If you were to visit, be sure to take the time to pause, and soak it all in.

Windsor Nature Park map
Map of Windsor Nature Park

More details on Windsor Nature Park available here.

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