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(Last updated: 1st September 2022)

I am first and foremost Singaporean by choice, born with a British passport to a family from Hong Kong, proud to have Chinese blood coursing through my veins. I spent my formative years growing up in Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore, considering all three my home. I also spent an extended period of time living and working in Malaysia, a country I’ve grown to love.

Upon attaining my high school diploma at Shawnigan Lake School in British Columbia Canada (1998 till 2002), I served in the Singapore Army – Infantry (2002 till 2004). I then completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the National University of Singapore (2004 till 2008), as well as my Masters Degree in Asian Studies at the Nanyang Technological University, Rajaratnam School of International Studies (2008 till 2009).

I worked as the Sales & Marketing Manager of Cool Customs Garage (2004 till 2007) while studying; co-founded and served as Marketing Director of 8flo (2008 till 2009); before finally starting 9tro™ on 17th December 2009, serving as Managing Director till today.

I am an agnostic-atheist by choice, but I firmly believe in respecting everyone’s individual beliefs, traditions and cultures. I do not believe in conflict and am wholeheartedly convinced that all issues can be resolved amicably, as long as all parties involved are willing and capable of dialogue and compromise.

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Emcee / Host / Presenter / Commentator
exhibitions, online shows, motorsports, eSports, conferences, seminars, private events, voiceovers.

I have always enjoyed event-management and storytelling, an affection that has over the years, developed into a passion which allowed me to expand and explore avenues in this profession.

Motorsports Enthusiast / Amateur Race-Driver / Amateur Sim Racer
FIA sanction races, time attack competitions, sim racing.

I am an automotive enthusiast and I mean it in every literal sense. I am the guy who will walk up to you and say “wow, sweet ride!” if I see a nicely maintained, tuned or decked out car/motorcycle, regardless of make, model, year. Additionally, I am a massive motorsports enthusiast, having participated in various competitions spanning a variety of disciplines, ranging from endurance racing, sprint racing, time attacks, as well as sim-racing.

Journalist at 9tro™
publisher, photographer, videographer.

Since the inception of 9tro™ back in 2009, I have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing newly unveiled cars and motorcycles; as well as the privilege of visiting auto shows, motorsports events, exhibitions and factories all around the world. Making friends along the way, many of whom becoming important figures in my personal life.

All of which entirely impossible without the love from my family and support from every single member of Team 9tro™ (past, present, future).

Features in the Media

Some magazine, newspaper clippings and screen-captures, from various media outlets and publications.

Sports / Wanderlust

I love being outdoors and have a massive passion for travel, hiking, camping, running, cycling and exploring.

Wanderlust with Hong

Check out my ‘Wanderlust With Hong’ channels and join me on all my adventures HERE!

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