Would a generic safety message be better?

Just thinking out loud, after seeing a safety message broadcasted/displayed on what I assume to be all Comfort Delgro taxis in Singapore.

As mentioned in the short video above, in no way am I implying that the Comfort Delgro taxi company is sexist! On the contrary, I applaud the company for showing such safety messages, reminding drivers to drive safely.


Having said that, the message did strike me as a tad odd, IF indeed it is a generic message sent to the digital display of all taxis. Why? Simply because the message seem to remind only ‘fathers/daddies’ to drive safely, while there are hundreds, if not thousands of female/lady drivers among the ranks. Likewise, would such a message be applicable to male (and female) drivers who do not have children?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to ascertain if indeed the message is generic, or if the company is able to identify who the driver may be, before it broadcasts/displays an accurate and relevant safety message.

Maybe a generic safety message, without differentiation of sex, age or status, would be more applicable… 🤔

Nevertheless, to ALL taxi drivers out there, ‘thank you and get home safely!’

Published by Hong

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