How I Grill Wagyu Outdoors / 1K Subscribers Giveaway [May 2022]

Wanderlust With Hong Tsui

In this episode, I share my tried and tested methods for grilling wagyu when I’m outdoors, as well as a special THANK YOU GIVEAWAY for helping me hit my 1000+ subscribers milestone!

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Hello everyone! Once again, I will like to thank each and everyone of you for all the love, encouragement and support for helping me achieve my 1000+ subscribers milestone!

In this video (below), aside from sharing with you how I grill my wagyu when I’m out camping, I have also prepared a special giveaway as a form of appreciation.

Step 1: Subscribe to the Channel.
Step 2: Watch and Like the Video (below).
Step 3: Comment in the Video, the Brand of my Favourite Outdoor-Stove.
Step 4: Include #WanderlustWithHong in the Comment.

β€’ Winner #4 #3 #2 – ‘Circle of Life’ stickers
β€’ Winner #1 – ‘Circle of Life’ stickers + ‘Circle of Life’ patch + Bushbox LF Titanium Stove

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β€’ Deadline for participating, 31st May 2022 (Tuesday 2359hrs).
β€’ Winners will be announced via Livestream on 1st June 2022 (Singapore timezone +8GMT).
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Good luck to everyone who is participating! πŸ‘πŸ»

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β€’ How I Grill Wagyu Outdoors
β€’ 1000+ Subscribers Giveaway [May 2022]

↑ 1000+ Subscribers Giveaway [LIVEstream]

↑ A closer look at the Bushcraft Essentials’ Bushbox LF Titanium Stove which I’ll be Giving-Away!

↑ A closer look the the Helikon-Tex Bergen backpack I’m currently using.

↑ A closer look at the Thermacell MR-300L that I take with me to protect me from mosquitos and sandflies.

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