Toyota Prius / Sepang International Circuit

Toyota Prius - Sepang Circuit

What is it like driving a Toyota Prius on the world renowned Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia?

Of all the cars and motorcycles I’ve taken out onto a racing circuit, surprisingly, I’ve never had the chance to take a TOYOTA PRIUS! Check out my onboard footage video (below) as I drive the Prius on SEPANG CIRCUIT!

Adding to the excitement:

• Car’s odometer-reading at 380,000km milage (no typo).
• Stock brake-pads since day one, with approximately 6mm remaining (no typo).
• Road-tyres (Firenza ST-01A) with approximately 35% thread remaining.
• Hybrid-batteries were flat (0%), so it was basically a 1.8L NA engine producing 95hp/140Nm, with additional dead weight (the batteries).
• Four years since I was last on the circuit in person, and I’ve gained about 2kg in weight, which equates to additional dead weight.
• Nonetheless, it was certainly one of the most comfortable track-experience I’ve ever had!
• Special thanks to my team mate for this year’s Sepang 1000km Endurance Race, Calvin, for letting me drive his personal car!

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