2022 Thailand Super Series / Behind-the-Scenes

I traveled to Chang International Circuit in Buriram Thailand, to check out the 2022 Thailand Super Series, without doubt, one of the most premier motorsports events in South East Asia!

Unlike all racing events I’ve been to with 9tro.com, this trip was a tad different as I wasn’t there as a motorsports journalist. Instead, I joined Team Hankook Performance, who are supporting the race series as ‘official tire manufacturer’. For the uninitiated, this means that all race cars competing in the series for the entire season, were (and will be) racing on Hankook Performance Tires!

Having personally been in and around the motorsports industry professionally even before the start of 9tro in 2009, I consider myself being relatively well versed in understanding the ins and outs of how a race team operates and how a race event is organized. Having said that, this trip was different as I got to participate in the operations of a ‘tire service facility’, a whole new experience.

One of the main reasons as to why, is because I’ve been engaged to manage the ‘tire service facility’ for W-Series (a support race) in the upcoming 2022 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. More on that at a later time…

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For now, enjoy the videos and photos, of the 2022 Thailand Super Series (Round 2)!

Behind-the-scenes with Hankook, of what goes on at a (Tire Service Facility) during a race weekend!

Join me as I take you on a brief tour behind one of South East Asia’s BEST racing initiative, the THAILAND SUPER SERIES!

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Hankook Race Queens


The calm before the storm – A peek behind one of the largest and most successful racing teams in the world! Toyota Gazoo Racing! Here at the 2022 Thailand Super Series! 🏁 #ToyotaGazooRacing #ThailandSuperSeries #9tro #Motorsport #ThailandSuperSeries2022 #TSS #TSS2022 #Toyota #Lexus #GazooRacing #Supra #RCF #GT3 #GT4 #GTC #GTM

♬ Final Countdown – Rock N’ Roll DJ’s
Toyota Gazoo Racing / Supra / RCF


On the GT3/GTM starting grid – 2022 Thailand Super Series @ Chang International Circuit, Buriram Thailand! πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ #ThailandSuperSeries #9tro #GT3 #GTM #Hankook #Bquik #BquikRacing #Audi #AudiR8 #Honda #HondaNSX #Lexus #LexusRCF #Toyota #Race #Racing #Motorsport #Buriram #Thailand 🏁

♬ original sound – Hong – Hong
2022 Thailand Super Series / GT3 / GTM

2022 Thailand Super Series / Safety Car / Liberty Walk / Toyota Supra


Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Type F173) mid-engine PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) here at Chang International Circuit (Buriram Thailand)! πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ #Ferrari #SF90 #FerrariSF90 #FerrariSF90stradale #SF90stradale #Stradale #9tro #9troShowOff

♬ original sound – Hong – Hong
Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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