Snake Soup / 蛇王兄 / Hong Kong

Join me as I enjoy two of my favorite delicacies in Hong Kong, Snake Soup with Pork & Duck Liver Sausage Glutinous Rice! 跟我一齊去香港蛇王兄, 食蛇羹和臘腸潤腸糯米飯! 👇🏻

One of my all-time favorite dishes in my hometown Hong Kong, is Snake Soup! This well known delicacy is made from fresh snake meat (I believe most are bred in farms and no longer caught in the wild), with a variety of mushrooms, fungi and various herbs.

This particular store (蛇王兄) also offers broiled chicken soaked in snake broth, as well as succulent pork, duck and goose liver sausages, with glutinous rice.

While these dishes are usually associated with as a must-have during the winter period, they are actually available on all days of the year. Do consider trying them if/when you’re visiting Hong Kong!

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