Check out my 3x short-term review videos on the brand-new SLB03 Shadow Sling Bag & SLB01 Waterproof Outdoor Sling Pouch from NITECORE; as well as the T4K, the worlds most powerful pocket-flashlight

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My first impressions of the new SLB01 Waterproof Outdoor Sling Pouch from NITECORE.
My two-week review of the new SLB03 Shadow Sling Bag from NITECORE.
My 2-week review of the NITECORE T4K Quad-Core Intelligent EDC Flashlight.

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Behind-the-scenes: Testing the waterproofing of the new NITECORE SLB01 Sling Pouch! Review videos on my YouTube channel! 💦 #WanderlustWithHong #NITECORE #SLB01 #NitecoreSLB01 #EDC #EveryDayCarry #Sling #SlingBag #SlingPouch

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