Croissant Taiyaki

Super delicious Croissant Taiyaki discovered in Thailand Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport!


A few days back, I traveled from Singapore to Buriram Thailand via Bangkok, for the 3rd and 4th rounds of this year’s GT Asia Race Series. For those of you who do not already know, you can either drive the 393km distance between the capital city of Bangkok and the town of Buriram, or fly via a variety of daily-available domestic budget airlines.

As I have driven between the two places before for Super GT last year, I opted to fly between the two on this particular trip. While it is actually easier and faster to drive, after factoring in delays and waiting time for flights, it goes without saying that flying is usually more convenient.

Thankfully for that too, because I chanced upon Croissant Taiyaki at the newly renovated and recently reopened (December 2015) Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 that services all domestic flights within Thailand.


After some initial reluctance because I wasn’t really hungry to begin with, I decided to give it a try as the aroma coming from the shop was mouthwatering to say the least.


The creamy garlic shrimp and cheese croissant taiyaki I ordered was literally made right in front of me. Pre-prepared fillings were placed at the heart of two thin slices of croissant dough, then clamped within a fish shaped mold. Unlike the traditional taiyaki which I loved as a kid, croissant taiyaki is a cross between a crispy croissant and the regular taiyaki.


Traditional taiyaki as we know, is basically a fish shaped pancake filled with sweetened red bean paste. Croissant taiyaki however is a fusion, not only is the soft pancake wrap replaced with a crispy and buttery croissant crust, a wide variety of fillings are also available.


The creamy garlic shrimp and cheese I chose was savory to just the right levels, and the shrimps drowned in melted cheese was succulent with just the right amount of lingering garlic. The initial few bites will fill you with its crispy croissant crust, which was of perfect texture and flavour, blending nicely with the piping hot fillings.

By now you can imagine how much I loved it… So much so that four days later on my return flight, I decided on trying it again but with a different twist.


This time round I decided on trying something ice cold, and the Croissant Taiyaki ICE was just the perfect mid-day dessert needed on a hot summer day! Filled with frozen matcha and red bean ice-cream wrapped in a blanket of sugar coated croissant wrap, the extra 5km run needed to burn off calories will be well worth it!


Now you know! So the next time you drop by Bangkok, be sure to check out Croissant Taiyaki, because I kid you not. This stuff is awesome!

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

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