CLEARLIDZ // Install + Troubleshoot + First Drive // Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeep Wrangler Clearlidz

Our much anticipated CLEARLIDZ order from Quadratec has arrived!

Join me on my journey as I install this awesome product, troubleshoot some minor installation challenges, and our first drive with it!

Installation can be done solo, but it will be a tad easier if you had an extra pair of hands.
A peek at the CLEARLIDZ a day after it was installed.

As you may have seen in the video, the recommended installation process was supposed to be approximately 60 minutes, but it took us over 120 minutes.

However, we did manage to successfully have it installed, and came up with a simple yet effective solution! ☺

*Installation tip:

1. Regarding the two ‘foam spacers’ (black foam blocks that help seal the gap between Clearlidz and your Wrangler’s rollcage), kindly note:

1A. DS means Driver Side; PS means Passenger Side.

1B. The labeling is meant for Left Hand Drive vehicles. If you have a Right Hand Drive like us, then DS is fitted on the passenger side, while PS is fitted on the driver side.

2. When securing the Clearlidz panel, screw in all six screw-bolts into place without tightening.

2A. Only tighten the six screw-bolts after they are all in position.

2B. Tighten them in an alternative pattern (the same way you secure lugs for your wheels).

We will definitely be doing up another review further down the line! Stay tuned for that!

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