beyerdynamic MMX 300

beyerdynamic MMX 300

Will the world’s highest-rated and preferred gaming headphones make me a better Sim Racer? Most likely not! However, will it deliver the greatest audio experience imaginable?

Also in this post, FOUR of these amazing headsets to be given away in a Giveaway Campaign, as well as Promo Codes & Discount Vouchers for online purchases!

beyerdynamic MMX 300
Unboxing + Giveaway + Promo Discount

[Video #1] UNBOXING + First Impression Video


GIVEAWAY Campaign Details

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the awesome people over at beyerdynamic Singapore, we will be giving away 4x beyerdynamic MMX 300 (Gen 2) headsets to four lucky winners!

This is how you may stand a chance to win one for yourself:

1.) I am competing in the 2021 Asian E Endurance Series (Season 2) and will be live-streaming my races on my Youtube channel.

2.) All you have to do is watch my live-stream, as I will be asking a simple question in each race.

3.) The answers to all the questions can be easily found in my ‘UNBOXING video‘.

4.) Subscribe to the channel and answer in the comments section of the ‘UNBOXING video‘.

5.) One lucky winner (per race) will be selected at random, via a random-comment-picker software!
Dates are as follow:

  • Giveaway #1 (Race 2) : May 23rd – Deadline June 6th [Winner: Hotaru πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­]
  • Giveaway #2 (Race 3) : June 13th – Deadline June 27th [Winner: Gavin πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ]
  • Giveaway #3 (Race 4) : July 4th – Deadline July 18th [Winner: Allen πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬]
  • Giveaway #4 (Race 5) : July 25th – Deadline August 8th [Roger Lee πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ]

Additional Information

* This Giveaway Campaign is applicable to anyone residing in Asia, however, given the challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic, freight/shipping delays beyond our control may occur. Thank you for understanding!

(Updated: 27th July 2021)

Giveaway Campaign LIVEstream #4 [8th Aug 2021]

Giveaway Campaign LIVEstream #3 [18th July 2021]

Giveaway Campaign LIVEstream #2 [27th June 2021]

Giveaway Campaign LIVEstream #1 [7th June 2021]

Close up photos of the MMX 300 headset.

Promo Codes & Discount Vouchers
for Online Purchases

I am also super stoked and excited to share: If you are an audiophile keen on owning a pair of headphones from beyerdynamic, you may now do so without breaking bank, as this collaboration goes one step further!

In collaboration with beyerdynamic and Digital Hub, Promo Codes (Discount Coupons/Vouchers) have been created on both Lazada and Shopee online shopping platforms!

The items that are applicable for the discounts will only be for their CONSUMER range:
MMX300, TEAM TYGR, Lagoon ANC, SOUL BYRD, Aventho, T1, T5, Amiron Home, Amiron Wireless, Amiron Copper, Xelento Remote, Xelento Wireless

And not for their PROFESSIONAL range:
DT 240, DT 770, DT 880, DT 990, DT 1770, DT 1990, and all wired microphones…


  • Discount link is applicable from now till 31st October 2021.
  • You may share this link with all your friends and family, as well as via social media.
  • There is no need to enter voucher code, a discount of 20% will be applied upon checking out.
  • The link is valid for a one time purchase, and may be reused.
    > Discount Link HERE

beyerdynamic on Lazada


  • Discount link is applicable from now till 31st July 2021. (This may be extended till 31st October 2021)
  • You may also share this link with all your friends and family, as well as via social media.
  • Apply Promo Code upon checking out: BEYER9TRO

beyerdynamic on Shopee

Additional Information

* These Promo Codes and Discount Vouchers are only applicable in Singapore.

(Updated: 20th May 2021)

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