5 things I hate about driving

It doesn’t matter if you drive a normal saloon car, a super car, a modified car, a taxi-cab, an electric car, a modified car, or even a hearse… It doesn’t matter if you ride a high cc motorcycle, a scooter, or even a horse-drawn carriage… For those of us who are passionate about cars and motorcycles, then simply being on the road driving/riding, serves as the best escape from our daily grind.

There are of course the vanilla drivers, who considers a car or motorcycle as a tool, a mode of transportation.

Regardless of whichever category you fall under, nothing matters more than the simple fact that everyone wants to get somewhere, but are our journeys as smooth and enjoyable as they could be?

The first thing that pisses me off to no end, are all drivers and motorcyclists who do not use their signal lights, or indicator lights, when switching lanes, making a turn, parking their vehicles, etc… If you are in a car, or a truck, or a van, or a bus, or anything with two or more wheels, you will have a side signal indicator switch. This magical stick, when activated, will allow you to send a visual message to other road users of your intention to switch lanes, or to make a turn, even when parking your vehicle. Likewise, if you’re on a motorcycle, there will be a little switch button that does the exact same thing!

This is one of the easiest thing you can do as a driver or rider, to ensure not just their own safety, but the safety for your passengers, pillion riders, and also other road users. At risk of being very crude and rude, if your fingers and thumbs can bring so much carnal pleasures in the bedroom (or in the car), then surely they can be used properly as well when you are driving or riding!

I know that sometimes, there will be dickheads who will speed up after you signal an intention to switch into their lanes. Yes, shit like that happens, and while I know it is easier said than done, have more patience and be gracious, let that dickhead overtake you and wait for another opportunity.

Likewise, remember to turn your head to check those blind-spots. Signalling your intentions doesn’t give you an immediate right-of-way, you still need to turn back to check!

I cannot emphasize these enough, because a significant amount of accidents, injuries, time, money and even lives could be saved. All you have to do, is use those damn signal indicators!


The second thing that gets to me, are slow drivers. Now do not misunderstand what I am saying, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with going slow, especially if you are an inexperienced driver/rider, or if you are unfamiliar with the roads. If you want to drive slow, go right ahead, but stick to the slower lanes and do not hog the overtaking lanes.

Likewise, if you see a faster car approach from behind, just signal your intentions early, check your blind spots, and then move aside. You never know what kind of emergencies the other person might be in, such as an extreme case of diarrhea. Or maybe he/she has a deathwish, so don’t put your name on that list!

Also, if you are approaching one of those speed-cameras on the freeways, and the speed limit is 90km/h, there is no need to slow down too much. I’m sure some of you out there are already nodding your heads in agreement, because I too, have been held up by drivers who slow down by as much as 15%! Not only is this dangerous, it is highly unnecessary. If you are overly worried, same thing, move to a slower lane.


Third on my list are people who stupidly decides to punch coordinates into their GPS while driving. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular driver, taxi/Uber/Grab driver, delivery truck driver, etc… Just like how it is dangerous to text on your cellphone, or share a funny video on Facebook while driving!

Back in the day, before digital GPS or satellite navigation systems in your car or on your phones, people had to rely on a map. And yes, it was equally dangerous to be fumbling through a map while driving, but most people didn’t. They plan their route beforehand, either memorizing the route or stopping by the side of the road when they needed to consult the map.

Same rules apply people! If you need to get somewhere, but ain’t sure how to get there, key in your coordinates to the GPS before moving off! Likewise, if you are lost, pull over by the side of the road, have your hazard lights flashing, and then consult your GPS.

I have seen so many drivers on the road who get so distracted with their GPS that they swerve and veer out of their lanes unintentionally.


The fourth thing I hate about driving on the roads? Cyclists, e-scooter or e-bike users, and pedestrians………. Now before you start cursing and swearing, hear me out. Clearly I am not referring to those who abide by the rules, regulations and law. Neither am I referring to those who have a sense of responsibility.

I am referring to those who treat the roads and pavements as if they own it, those who ignore traffic lights and road signs, those who are not focused, and those who lack awareness for their surroundings.

Most countries have strict laws regarding the use of bicycles, e-scooters or e-bikes. These laws are really there to protect the users, as well as other road users. We have all seen cyclists, e-scooters or e-bike users, who cut across three-lane roads without so much as a hand signal; who do not have lights equipped when riding at night; who are wearing headphones with music blaring away, the list goes on…

The same can be said for pedestrians who disregard safety! Ok, maybe it won’t be necessary for pedestrians to equip themselves with lights when walking at night, but how about those who keep their eyes glued to their cellphones when crossing the roads? Surely whatever big-business you have in the making will be less important than your own life!

We have a saying in Chinese, 马路如虎口, which loosely translates to meaning, roads are as dangerous as a tigers jaw. Flouting the rules and laws may sometimes save you time, such as jay-walking, but keep in mind that you are not just potentially creating inconvenience for other road users, but also putting your life at risk.

Even with rules, regulations and laws that are implemented for the safety of all road users, it is important to be more than vigilant.


Fifth and the final item on my list of things I hate about driving, are traffic jams/congestions. Everyone hates them, but yet it is a daily routine for many. While this isn’t something most of us can solve, it is something most of us as drivers or riders will have to deal with. There is however, a way to make traffic jams safer and more bearable, which ties in to my conclusion.

And remember, what I am about to say should be applied whenever possible! It is applicable not just drivers and riders, but for all who share the roads with us.

Hell, it is even applicable in relation to how we live out lives!


Number 1, be gracious, considerate and have patience. If another vehicle signals appropriately and wants to cut in, and it doesn’t matter if it is a lane switch or a junction, slow down or stop if it is safe to do so and let them through. Unless of course, you are about to shit your pants. Sometimes, other road users may be dicks, but that doesn’t mean you should be one as well! Be the bigger person!

Number 2, show courtesy and appreciation. Whenever someone slows down for you to switch lanes, or stops at a junction to let you pass, give them a wave when it is safe to do so. Even if you are the one who made a mistake and cut ahead of someone else, the same wave will also serve as a form of apology. You will be surprised at how rewarding this simple gesture is!

That’s all I have for now but before I end, just keep in mind these simple bits people, protect your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

Easier said than done, yes, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to be civil, gracious and considerate, to have patience and to show courtesy and appreciation, be mindful for other road users.

Published by Hong

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