2022 MetaJam Asia / NFT Exhibition / Walkthrough

Join me as I take you on a walkthrough around the 2022 MetaJam Asia exhibition, Singapore’s first digital art and experiential festival, which spanned three months from May till July (Fri, Sat & Sun).

The event showcased highlights from various NFT communities, brands, and VCs. The event’s ‘phygital’ space focused on learning, exploring, and experiencing web3 in an interactive environment, as well as displaying multidisciplinary pieces from artists around the region.

⚠ Disclaimer: This video is not meant to promote cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, or Web 3.

⚠ Disclaimer: Nor is this video meant to promote companies, communities or offer any financial advice.

⚠ Disclaimer: Please seek out professionals for advice on matters pertaining to crypto, blockchain, NFTs or Web 3.

2022 MetaJam Asia (Part 1)

2022 MetaJam Asia (Part 2)

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