9tro: A brief history (2009~2016) – Part 1


Part 1 of 2 (Q4/2009 ~ Q4/2012)

For some of you who may not know, 9tro was originally conceptualized back in Q3/2009 (July ~ September), but officially made public on the 17th of December the same year. Today marks our 7th year in operations and boy have we grown, developed, morphed and learned along the way.

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Race weekend essentials!


There are quite a few things a race driver will need on a race weekend, this ranges from a positive mindset and attitude, to having the right protective equipment such as his/her certified racing suit, gloves, boots, helmet, etc…

Various motorsports disciplines will of course, require different equipment specific to the sport, terrain, climate, etc… There are sprint races, endurance races, drift battles, off-road challenges and rallies for cars, motorbikes and karts; on race circuits, closed-off public roads, deserts, jungle trails and even car parks!

For car racing, authentic Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) approved equipment is a mandatory safety requirement:

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Sepang International Circuit – Aug’16 Training


Having not raced in an FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) sanctioned sprint race since 2012; and having not been strapped into a proper race car since 2013 (shake-down and testing session); on behalf of Team 9tro Racing it was about time to return to the race track! Unlike the many track days we organize and participate in, or time attack challenges we compete in, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of actually competing in a proper race! That said, prior to participating in this year’s 2016 Sepang 1000km Endurance Race…

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Confessions of an entrepreneur (Part 2)


According to Wikipedia: Work life balance is a lifestyle concept including proper prioritizing between ‘work’ (career and ambition) and ‘lifestyle’ (health, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). This is related to the idea of lifestyle choice. The term was first coined sometime during the mid-1800s, and I believe it does not require much elaboration on my part as to what it refers to. Continue reading “Confessions of an entrepreneur (Part 2)”

Confessions of an entrepreneur (Part 1)

9tro - 2009.jpg

I will forever remember my graduation day, the day I received both my Bachelor and Masters degree in Political Science from then-President of Singapore Mr. S.R. Nathan. I stood there amongst my fellow graduates grinning from ear-to-ear, knowing my proud parents stood at the higher floors overlooking the auditorium, knowing that once I step out of the auditorium, I had a job.
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