K&N 77-Series Air Intake System // Installation // Jeep Wrangler JK

Our new K&N 77 Series Performance Air-Intake System for our Jeep Wrangler arrived, and instead of bringing it in to the workshop like we used to, we attempted to have the installation done ourselves!

The question is, how easy (or difficult) is it for someone with very little technical experience? Let’s find out!

Check out the video ↓ ↓

K&N 77-Series [77-1566KP] Performance Air-Intake System, freshly delivered from Quadratec!
Always read the instruction guide! It’ll help save time, as well as reduce errors!
Removing of stock air-intake took me about 40 minutes…
Assembling and installing took me about 80 minutes…
Looking beautiful from all angles!
Sounds stronger and drives better! As awesome upgrade, 100% street legal!
Additional information pulled from official K&N website.

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