First in years…


So the last time I posted anything onto my old blog, was on a Wednesday, the 7th of August 2013 to be exact. Which means I have not posted up anything for almost three years.

Then again, that would be inaccurate because I merely uploaded a YouTube video on that day…

The last time I truly created a post was also on a Wednesday, the 24th of August 2011! Meaning it took me almost five years before I decided to re-start on this journey. Frankly, it did not feel that long either, until I counted my fingers. Yes, all five of them…

Why did I decide to come back to the world of blogging? I guess you can say it’s primarily due to the fact that I have always enjoyed being vocal about my thoughts; but also because the extensive use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram seems to have resulted in me becoming lazy. I have always enjoyed reading and writing anyway, so what better motivation? Looking back at some of those old posts sure brings back memories, all the while reminding me of how naive, idealistic and youthful I once was… Haha!

As much as I wish I can pen something down daily, do not however, expect daily posts! My excuse? The lack of time…

“Lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Franklin

One thought on “First in years…

  1. Make every moment count!! Treasure all memories made. What better way than to pen them down… Whether it’s through pen & paper or social media or your own blog! #workhard #livelife #proudofyou

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